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Marketing24 Investors Email Database is packed with more than half a million investors thirsting for the next great coin sale.
Lets make YOUR ICO the one that rocks the Crypto Community with excitement and activity

Your big ICO is coming up. You've spent months making it happen. Wouldn't it be a disappointing waste if you did your big launch and hardly anybody noticed or showed up? All too often, that's exactly what happens. Your ICO has a promising first few minutes, then falls flat. Even major brands get smacked down with IPO's that just fail to register more than a murmur among investors.Yes, you could be one of the lucky few that just happens to hit a nerve and goes viral. But the chance of that reality is not quite as good as winning millions in the lottery.

What's a respectable ICO to do?

Our Marketing24 Investor Database is filled with proven, active investors who are looking for worthwhile, promising ICO's.

More than a half million worldwide. They literally are your richest source of potential funding. These are the movers, the shakers, the true believers who back the Crypto Community with their investment dollars. This is the capital that funds new initiatives, helps products come to market, builds future giants, and everything else that drives the Crypto world forward. If you have a great project, a hard working company, or a winning idea, your ICO could easily be the earthquake that rumbles all others off the charts. All you need is to awaken our giant list of investors who are ready to fly into action putting their money where their mouths are.

This is far more targeted and effective than expensive scatter shot advertising that wastes budget on people who are probably never going to invest. Countless sites and industry media claim they have the keys to investor passions, but very few actually do.

Where to find investors for ICO?

Whether you’re an innovative startup ready to show the world what you’ve got, or an ICO reaching for your targeted coin sale
Marketing24 Provide valuable Email data base that can’t be ignored.


ICO Investors Database

Crypto Funds Database (592 funds)

Asia Venture Funds Database (112 funds, 43 angels)

Venture Funds Database (537 funds)

Hedge Fund investments database (5218 investment companies)

592 funds. Up to 5 executive contacts with emails and linkedin. Funds are the main channel of investment in ICO right now. This database will help you find large investors and quickly collect Hard cap. This is a legal base. It is intended for direct communication with a team of funds, and not for spam.
Database Statistics: 261 Venture , 276 Hedge, 221 Private Equity, 45 SEC registered, 316 Phones, 1689 Emails, 457 Founders & CEO  

In this database you will find investors from 40 countries

ICO Investors database

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